Our certified team has been carefully created in the last few years to give a wide range of skills and knowledge. Everyone’s strengths are used to enable us to undertake any task from modern stainless steel to historical buildings and structures.


From a long family history of engineering within the family it was inevitable that this was the path he would end up on. With strong guidance from his father Mark Filer, the founder of our business. He has developed the right attitude towards difficult tasks to insure success is always met. The determination to develop the business and continue the strong growth leads the company views to ensure customer satisfaction and a high quality of work. With a strong background on the shop floor with all types of welding and machining this practical background enables his easy understanding of the work to be undertaken.


Starting in 2016 from a teaching background he has become a key member in the team. With a passion and interest in heritage and restoration he has become vital within our heritage work. Always keen to increase his knowledge especially in the less common tasks he is very quick to learn and develop skills that are somewhat forgotten in the modern day.


Starting in 2015 and originating from some impressive companies in Dover Marc has brought a wealth of skills to the business. He specialises in TIG, MIG and stick welding and enables us to turn out some fantastic stainless steel components. His quality of welding is fantastic and holds a number of welder qualifications (codings) in structural steelwork. Amongst other staff training he is a current company first aider.


Started with the company in 2018 and started his welding and fabricating in 2000. He learned fast and quickly progressed. Leigh is a coded welder and is competent working with a variety of materials. He is able to TIG, MIG and stick weld and mostly enjoys working with stainless steel. His skills are evident through his welding abilities and he has a wealth of experience to bring to the company. Most importantly Leigh has a lot of experience with structural steel, is familiar with CE approval and had undertaken the responsible welder’s coordinator course which is an essential qualification with regards to the CE of structural steel.


Starting in 2014 and originally from a building background he has successfully transferred his skills to strongly benefit the fabrication company. With an eye for detail and a strong determination for quality he is vital to ensure the finished products are up to our high standards.


Rory joined the team at the beginning of 2018. Originally started his welding and fabricating career in a marine setting. He completed an engineering qualification at the IOW college. He has a keen interest in mechanics and is very good at problem solving. He has a calm nature and thinks everything through, which is often needed within the workshop environment. His welding skills are in stick welding and MIG and aims to improve his TIG welding as he enjoys working with stainless.


Jordan started with us in September 2017. He is the youngest member of the team, and is currently our apprentice, and attends the Isle of Wight College. He is keen to learn from all the other members of the team and takes in the wealth of knowledge from the order and more experienced guys. He works well with the team and has gained a lot of experience from his grandfather’s engineering company. In his spare time he enjoys working on old cars and bikes.